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Adult Film Media:
Learn How to make and distribute adult movies

  • How to start a business
  • Budgeting for production
  • Finding investors
  • Finding talent for production
  • Marketing and distributing movies for Internet and DVD's
  • Laws and Regulations for adult business
  • How to operate cameras & other equipment
  • Shoot your own live scene


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Adult Film Media:


Saturday Night Porn Shoot

Welcome to Saturday Night Porn Shoot.

Our show allows fans photographers and future content providers a step in on an actual porn shoot where they themselves can shoot their own content, be provided with ID's, Model-release, 2257 forms.

The thousands you save by sharing the cost of the production make sense.

We also offer post production services. Editing, Packaging and Distribution just name a few. Our pears are always looking for the next big thing. Who knows your idea just might be it. So I invite you all to come on our set and start shooting.

Remeber, our talent is always hot, and our crew is always cool

Our Packages

We set up a verity of shoots for you the fans who want to cross over from merely watching it on the tube or being here live up close and very personal. Who knows your content might make you a feel bucks.

Americans alone will spend 13 billion this year on porn - why not yours. If we determine your content is marketable, we will get it out to the trade and market it to the industry for you. In return we would get participation points on your content. The more you make the more we make; it's win-win.

With our proven trusted contacts long standing we get your content out through multiple formats of media. Check our list of different productions and select on to our calendar of production events and book your ticket today. Check below for packages rates.



Saturday Night Porn Shoot are held at least once a month and as often as weekly. We limit the number of our guests, so buy your tickets early to reserve your space

Tickets to attend a party are sold on a limited basis, based usually on the size of the shoot location.

Shoots are held for the exclusive purpose of promoting our services of assisting photographers and producers with the needed resources and talent to produce their own commercial DVD or web site.

We can provide local producers with all the tools they need to be successful in the Adult Business, including studio space, equipment, and Talent.

Guests Photographers: $1200.00

Those who would just like to watch a Porn shoot and perhaps learn more about the industry.

Video Graphers: $2000.00

While we make cameras available for all. This ticket is for Photographers who would like to get a model release so they can use the images they take on their web site or however they see fit.(You May sell these images)

Producers: $3500.00

A producer will receive direct hands on access to the talent, to shoot, Direct, Pose, or Act with them.

This Assures Producers Unique and Exclusive Content!

Producers get a DVD of the action they where involved in when done if desired. Separate producers shoots can be done after the other guests leave and last for aproximately 30 minutes.

For Information, Weekly Specials and Tickets Call 1-213-909-7570

Saturday Night Porn Shoot is the only Porn site in the world where you get to come actually see the content being created hang out with porn girls and have the opportunity to be involved in the shoot and perhaps be in a scene with a hot Porn Girl.

Having trouble making to a Saturday night event Ask about Attending a production shoot during the week.

Private shoots can be commisioned to fit any special requirements you might have.


Home Workshop Information Workshop Schedule Instructors Recruiters Packages Sell Your Sex Tape
Content Models Signup Saturday Night Porn Shoot Sponsers Models Webcam Signup Get Forms

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